About: Demi Setara

‘Demi Setara’ means ‘For Equality’ in Bahasa Indonesia.

Information presented on this site relates to research projects and other initiatives led by, or conducted in collaboration with Dr Rachael Diprose, both in Indonesia and elsewhere.  

The research projects presented are underpinned by a common theme of investigating how different dimensions of social and politico-economic inequality emerge and take different forms in different regions, among different groups and communities, and over time. The projects also explore processes of social and politico-economic change, how these might perpetuate or address inequalities, how they are related to various dimensions of wellbeing, and they examine the diverse ways that states, citizens, global and local organisations, networks and institutions seek to address inequalities and related challenges. 

Different projects and publications draw on different disciplinary underpinnings, particularly sociology and political economy perspectives, predominantly within the fields of international development, gender and development, and the study of governance/political order. 

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